Monday 4th – Here The Cleaning Team Go Again

 First day back and a bit of re-orienteering required! Much of the electricals from the shed I had stored at home, so first job was to re-install all that, hence I missed taking many photos!

An excellent turnout of 12 who were all beavering away while I was up the shed. Greg, John, Kath, Lynn, Nick, Nigel, Paul, Peter, Rich, Steve and Tim.

There are 8 carriages in the rake at present, in anticipation of Race Trains. But 2 of them are off the north end of the platform, so they did not get washed. One of them is locked out of use so that didn’t get cleaned. All done by tea break!
After that it was down to the DMU. Rich had good business fly swatting with the ghost buster

And John arrived in time to check the toilets

Anyone around over the opening weekend would have seen the DMU running as a 4 car set, I believe because one of the Driving Motor vehicles was on test. This meant that W51360 at the north end was effectively double heading and there was no corridor connection the the Driving Motor behind it. This meant moving up to the guards door to access W51360 separately – but it was stuck! Top part moved a bit but the bottom was well and truly stuck, so we had to abandon our attempt to clean that. 
Next week no cleaning for us as contractors are in for Race Week. Back on 18th March.

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