Darebin Council removes 600 years of trees from Clarke Street Northcote

In a move that has further infuriated residents Darebin Council has been systematically removing a series of 50+ year old canopy trees from Clarke Street in Northcote. 25 years ago Clarke Street was a beautiful vista of canopy trees the entire length between Victoria and Rathmines Streets.

Under the management of Darebin Council 10 trees have been removed with further to be removed over the coming weeks.

This inner city area needs more canopy trees not less and no consultation with residents has been undertaken. Simply a disgrace.

It has been said Darebin do not like non native trees and are focused on removing trees that are not native to Australia at all costs.


2 thoughts on “Darebin Council removes 600 years of trees from Clarke Street Northcote

  1. This is a shocking find and a disgraceful series of blunders by Darwin City Council. What council with Climate Change and warming would destroy such beautiful tress in an inner Melbourne Suburb. Those trees already gone will never be replaced in 50 years. That is over a generation in length. Shame on you Darebin Council.

  2. Darebin council have done much damage in the area. They don’t care if the trees are old and mature especially if they are not native trees. They hate non native trees.

    They have removed so many trees around the area over the past few years it is disgusting.

    Their mayor lives in classy Reservoir and would not be welcome or have a clue about the southern leafy areas of Northcote, Alphington and Fairfield and more so their arborists.

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