UFO wreckage was salvaged by British special forces in the 1980s

A crashed UFO was recovered by special forces soldiers in England during the 1980s.

Former military intelligence officer Franc Milburn – a member of the British Army’s elite Parachute Regiment – revealed how he was told the secret information by a member of the covert MI6-run unit The Increment, which conducted the operation.

Milburn explained: “He just said it was obvious it was non-human. And it was obvious that it had occupants. I don’t know if that meant they saw seats or they found a dead alien.

“He said it was obvious the occupants had gone off along the ground. Part of the unit was left protecting the craft. Others would have been trying to track down these entities.”

Milburn added: “He said, ‘Scientists came in and it was out of our hands. We were flown away and knew nothing more after that.'”