The Darebin Council deception continues in Northcote

Now under scrutiny over decisions to remove many 50+ year old trees from Clarke Street a further review over the past few days reveals they have now changed the reason for removal from Infrastructure Damage to Root Damage.

At least we have seen a pause over the wanton damage to our streets.

It is not surprising given the many complaints read on Facebook and to the Council themselves. Not having the moral fibre to admit they are wrong they decide to invent a reason to continue to be right and remove non native trees from the area. Hardly a week goes by where large mulching trucks are heard removing mature trees from the area.

So the new reason is Root Damage and NOT Infrastructure Damage which to the view of many is a rubbish excuse anyhow. The below two photos show no root damage at all on the tree and the roots are not exposed at all.

The arborists at Darebin Council have decided to try and cover their poor decisions with more deception to justify more poor decisions.

We do not want this under performing damaging council around this area, lets us be moved back to Yarra Council who have a more mature outlook on streetscapes.

Stand up people and protect the trees our birds sit in and stop this shocking and destructive council from causing more damage.

In Summary

  • The decision to cut these trees down was made by a couple of arborists at the council who in my view would not have a clue about root damage.
  • There is no visible root damage at the tree
  • The reason for removing has changed since this scheduled removal has been reported
  • A tree next to this tree was removed for infrastructure damage when clear none was visible and we have the photos
  • The tree removalist’s hired by the council to destroy our trees confirmed the removal is going ahead because the trees are not native.

Please urgently email the council at DAREBIN COUNCIL MAILBOX

3 thoughts on “The Darebin Council deception continues in Northcote

  1. What is totally sad is how disrespectful this council is to residents of the area. They do not consult they bully and are arrogant when concerns about their conduct are raised. What’s more the Mayor of the council Susanne (elected to represent the rate payers) was NOT prepared to step up and prevent more damage. Pathetic.

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