Lessors Reach Settlement With Russia’s Aeroflot Over Stuck Aircraft

In 2022, Russia withheld hundreds of foreign-owned (but Russian-operated) aircraft.Reuters has since reported that aircraft leasing firms have struck settlements for over a quarter of the total number. With the aircraft seemingly unrecoverable at this point, settlements that include compensation seem to be the best-case scenario for these leasing firmsArticle: https://simpleflying.com/lessors-reach-settlement-with-aeroflot-over-stuck-aircraft/

LTG Cargo deals with a rising number of attempts to evade sanctions

Attempts to circumvent Western sanctions on Russia and Belarus via rail through Lithuania grew exponentially between March and May. The Lithuanian national rail freight operator LTG Cargo said that four wagons were blocked and sent back at the Lithuanian border in March, while in May this number increased to 62. The company did not provide…