Strikes cancel over 900 flights at German airports

Following strike action undertaken by airport staff across Germany, a total of 918 flights to and from German airports were canceled on Thursday, February 1. That represents 32% of departures and 22% of arrivals scheduled in Germany on that day. Let’s take a look at the 6 airports most affected by these cancellations. 

Which airports were most affected?

Frankfurt (FRA), Hamburg (HAM), Berlin (BER), Bremen (BRE), Dresden (DRS) and Leipzig (LEJ) were most severely impacted by flight cancellations on February 1st. 

A total of 910 flights were canceled at these airports. 

Frankfurt (FRA) saw the highest number of total cancellations, with 32% of departures and 25% of arriving flights canceled, a total of 301 flights. Whilst only 16 flights were canceled at Dresden (DRS), this represented 100% of scheduled airport movements on that day. 

Which airlines were most affected?

Cancellations at German airports directly impacted 571 flights operated by 57 airlines at the above airports. The most affected airlines by number of canceled flights were Lufthansa (LH), Eurowings (EW), Austrian (OS), Swiss (LX) and Turkish Airlines (TK).

It is unsurprising that German airlines saw the most impact. Lufthansa canceled a total of 163 flights on February 1st, that’s 15% of the airline’s schedule. The majority of these flights were destined for European destinations. Eurowings saw a total of 92 cancellations, representing 53% of total scheduled movements. 

A small number of longer distance flights operated by airlines including United, Delta Air Lines, Cathay Pacific, LATAM and Japan Airlines were also cancelled.


Cover photo: Christian Heim, JetPhotos

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