Former railway line to Moulamein in NSW is being restored

A portion of the former railway line to Moulamein in NSW is being restored to service a grain facility a few kilometers from Barnes Junction (where it deviates from the currently active line to Deniliquin).

V/Line in their usual style of preventing train movements have removed the junction making the reopening a lot more expensive and extending the time it will take to complete it. Photo Taken 31/5/2024

K160 visited Barnes Junction on the afternoon of the 31st May 2024 to view some of the progress of the re-sleepering works.

A old photograph of Barnes, looking south towards Moama. (1927)

Barnes once had a railway station which has long been demolished.

The view looking north through the one-time location. The station was on the right of the track, with several sidings on the left.. (Jun-2005)
[Copyright: Goldfish ]

A timeline for completion is unknown.

The lever frame and pulleys which control the signal and points at the junction of the Balranald line, which branches off to the left. (Nov-2002)
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This work has been a long time coming considering over 500,000 tonnes of grain is stored on the line in the first 50 kms of the junction. The local councils in the area have been working for years too have trains returned to remove the need for over 100,000 truck movements from terminals on the line to the grain export terminals in Melbourne and Geelong. It is extraordinary this has not been completed a decade ago and highlights how rail freight is not taken seriously and policy and policy implementation is designed to favour the road freight industry.

The proposed loading location on the once extended line to Balranald. There is no mention of any sidings being provided for.

There is also a significantly upgrade grain receiving and storage facility at Caldwell, NSW which would benefit from rail access and reduce the number of truck movements across the boarder into Victoria.

The grain storage area at Caldwell, NSW

The largest grain storage system on the line is located at Burraboi, NSW and is a significant location for grain. This site belongs to Moulamein Grain Co-operative Ltd a major player in the area. This storage area is mainly rice.

The grain storage area at Burraboi, NSW

Reopening is possible with the removal of the rail infrastructure. Victoria is one of the only states who have cannibalised their rail network with large scale removal preventing important businesses from accessing cheaper and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Being a line in NSW perhaps this is the reason why it had not yet been removed.

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  1. A positive step forward for grain growers however the bulk of the grain is further down the branch.

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