The Kur – Ancient Avian Alien Race from Planet Dillimuns in Xi-Orionis

An artistic depiction of a Kur alien being and their iridescent spaceship, soaring through space

Xi-Orionis: The Dillimuns Star System

Xi-Orionis, also known as Dillimuns, is a star system comprising four planets, with Planet Dillimuns being the only inhabited world. Situated within the Xi Orionis constellation, a binary star system in the northeastern part of the constellation of Orion, this system is the home of the Kuri, also known as the “Golden Birds”.

The Golden Birds of Planet Dillimuns

The Kuri are a venerable race closely related to the Anunnaki, possessing a distinct individualistic character. Towering over other humanoids, they bear avian genetics and features, including a feathered crest along their spine and a falcon-like head.

Their unique golden hue is attributed to a liquid they bathe in, believed to extend their lifespan. Throughout history, they have interacted with the Anunnaki and were involved in genetic alterations of the Terran human genome during the Anunnaki’s reign on Terra.

Kurian Diplomacy and Technological Advancements

Despite their ancient origins, the Kuri are actively engaged in diplomatic endeavors, seeking membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. However, they insist on joining under their own terms, which presents challenges in the negotiation process.

In terms of technology, the Kuri possess advanced capabilities, enabling them to travel to Terra within two years. They maintain a discreet colony in the Pacific Ocean, utilizing interdimensional travel and deploying magnificent iridescent ships.

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