The Grail – Saurian ‘Grey’ Inhabitants of Mintaka’s Star System

Illustration of the Grail, saurian 'grey' inhabitants of Mintaka's star system

From Mintaka: The Aragorog Star System in Orion

Mintaka, also known as Aragorog, is a complex multiple star system nestled within a faint stellar cluster, situated approximately 1200 light years away from Terra. This system comprises seven young planets and serves as a habitat for various species, including Greys, Reptiloids, Amphibians and Dinoids.

Among these, the Grail stand out as one of the most prominent. Located within the Orion constellation, Mintaka offers a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of life within our galaxy.

The Saurian Conquerors of Mintaka

The Grail are native to the star system known as Mintaka, alternatively referred to as Delta Orionis, which boasts seven planets. Despite their advanced technological civilization, the Grail are far from what one might consider “enlightened.” They are notorious for their penchant for conquest and pillaging.

Physically, they are characterized as tall saurian beings, reminiscent of the ‘grey’ type species. Their slender torsos and limbs belie their incredible strength, a trait derived from their electrical nervous system. Additionally, the Grail exhibit a binary gender system.

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