The Indugutk – Violent Saurian-Reptiloids from Uruud Prime in the Bellatrix System

An illustration depicting an Indugutk, a violent saurian-reptiloid alien species native to Uruud Prime in the Bellatrix system

Notorious for Their Ferocity

The Indugutk originate from Uruud Prime, an artificially engineered planet situated within the Bellatrix system of the Orion constellation. Renowned for their extreme violence, these saurian-reptiloids bear a remarkable resemblance to tall, white reptiloid greys.

Their distinct features include a narrow, wrinkled face with an elongated skull, a large mouth, thick brow ridge and an exceptionally long neck. Uniquely, they forgo clothing, preferring to showcase their formidable physique.

Engagement with Terran Governments

The Indugutk have forged treaties with various Terran governments engaged in space programs, such as those of the United States, Russia and China. Through these agreements, they secure access to bases on Terra’s moon for mining operations, employing enslaved individuals to carry out their arduous tasks.

Indugutk Society and Culture

Despite their violent nature, the Indugutk society exhibits complex social structures and cultural practices. Within their hierarchical society, dominance and aggression play crucial roles, with fierce competition determining leadership positions.

Ritualistic ceremonies and displays of strength are common, serving to reinforce societal norms and hierarchies. Additionally, their culture places great importance on martial prowess and conquest, with tales of legendary warriors celebrated and revered.

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