The Ooganga – Mercenaries of Bellatrix Uruud System in Orion

Illustration of an Ooganga mercenary from the Bellatrix (Uruud) system

The Reptiloid Dominion of Bellatrix (Uruud)

The Bellatrix system, located 250 light years from Earth, is inhabited by a diverse array of Reptiloid species, including the notorious sauroid-grey species known as the Indugutk. Bellatrix, also referred to as “Uruud” due to its reptilian majority, maintains ties with the Ciakahrr Empire, forming a loose collective with the shared goal of expansion and conquest. These local races have pooled their technologies to increase their power, and they are also affiliated with the US-Telos Alliance on Terra.

The Ooganga: Genetic Warriors of Bellatrix

Residing in the Uruud planetary system, the Bellatrix Mercenaries, known as the Ooganga, operate from stationary combat motherships. Engineered as genetically enhanced warriors, the Ooganga are hybrids of Grey Reptiloids and a local Insectoid species.

Stationed in massive contingents aboard motherships in the Uruud system, they await deployment, poised to enact devastation where the Galactic Federation of Worlds lacks influence. Should they be unleashed, Terra’s fate could hang in the balance.

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