The Eban – Reptiloid Grey Inhabitants of the Edemera World in Orion

Illustration of an Eban alien being from the planet Edemera in the Carina system

Betelgeuse: The Red Supergiant of Carina

Betelgeuse, also known as ‘Carina’, is a red supergiant star approaching the end of its life cycle. Positioned at the core of a planetary system consisting of five celestial bodies, it lies approximately 700 light years away from Earth within the Orion constellation. This stellar system is enveloped by a massive cloud of engineered cosmic dust, which acts as a protective barrier.

Orion’s Reptiloid Grey Inhabitants of Edemera

Edemera, the fifth planet within the “Betelgeuse” Carina system, presents an inhospitable environment characterized by frigid temperatures and arid landscapes. It serves as the homeworld to the Eban, a formidable race of Reptiloid Grey beings ranging from 6 to 9 feet tall, (1.8 to 2.7 meters). Despite their imposing presence, Eban culture is far from pacifistic, aligning themselves with the Alliance of the Six.

Their influence extends beyond Carina, with a significant colony established on Altimar in the Ophiuchus constellation. Notably, the Eban are deeply enmeshed in Terran affairs, collaborating closely with the Cabal and Terran military in clandestine operations, including underground facilities, hybridization programs and soul scalping endeavors.

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