Innovative level crossing trial for rural and regional NSW

A $1.2 million trial of new digital technology to improve level crossing safety in rural and regional areas will soon get underway in New South Wales.

Transport for NSW will run the trial, in partnership with the Australian Government, the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and technology company Rail Safety Systems.

The technology, called Rail Active Crossing System (RAXS), is a modular low-cost wireless solution specifically designed for rural and remote locations to turn passive level crossings into active sites.

This will be done using both flashing lights at the crossing as well as wireless train- activated advanced signage which warns motorists that there is a train approaching the level crossing ahead.

In the rare event of a system disruption, it automatically enters ‘stop sign’ mode, and becomes like a passive crossing – with motorists having to obey the stop sign rules. This compares to existing active level crossings, which activate warning bells and lights until maintenance crews arrive.

The system is solar-powered, wireless and a modular design, can be quickly and cost-effectively installed, and needs less maintenance, potentially overcoming some of the barriers to getting more activated level crossings.

There are more than 2,700 level crossings in NSW, including 1,307 on public roads and of these, 858 are passively controlled by stop or give way signage.

Installation of the first level crossing with the new technology is due to occur this year and Transport for NSW is working with ARTC to determine a suitable location.

The system’s innovative design allows for new features to be developed and tested. As part of the trial, Transport will be seeking community and industry feedback on the use of advanced warnings and developing future features to improve level crossing safety.

The NSW Government is providing $715,000 funding for the trial, along with $500,000 from the Australian Government’s Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program.

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