The Ahel – Guardians of Maya and the Ahil Legacy in Lyra

Artwork depicting a male and a female Ahel, representatives of the fair-skinned and blonde-haired humanoid race from Maya

Origins on Maya

The Ahil’s original homeworld is the 4th Planet: Maya in the Man system, known as the central power of Man in the Lyra constellation. It was a quiet and peaceful world, a harmonious and spiritual culture and such was the world of their ancestors. Maya was the mother of them all, the ground their blood and bones were first created from. Ahil are fair-skinned with blond to light-brown hair and their eyes can be of any shades from blue to green.

Magnificent Culture

Their culture, the culture their ancestors built, was magnificent, highly spiritual and intelligent. Their cities, they were told, raised out of water in clusters of crystal towers, touching the soft purple clouds under the pale seven moons. Oceans, mountain ridges and luxuriant valleys sheltered life in its treasurable evolution towards the race of the Ahil. They are led to believe that they were the first Humans to be born and to populate the other planets of the system and then the galaxy… from Maya, mother of them all.

Their star also bore the name “Mother”, in the sense of “Source”: Mana, “the Great Mother of all mothers”. This name for their star was given by the Ahil at the time they first understood that all stars were a window for the Great Source, which they named later, to differentiate it: “Imana”, the Great Mother and Supreme Creator.

Ahil always put a strong emphasis on education, affirming that knowledge is power, and instead of imposing conditioned programs, the methods were to identify the qualities of a child and help them develop their abilities at their best. This system is still applied nowadays in most of their colonies. They also developed a branch of their spirituality around the performance of physical love, a wonderful way to reach the unity of Imana.

Colonial Influence

Most Ahil colonies are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, led by a great presence of the Ahil colony from Erra, in the Pleiades. Ahil have extended their race very widely throughout this galaxy, but I will only name the predominant colonies: Erra (Pleiades Taygeta) / Procyon / Aldebaran (beside an Anunnaki colony) / Hyades / Tau Ceti (Norca) / Terra / Zygon (Andromeda systems) / Vega.

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